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    As the London Kurdish Film Festival,
    we believe that short films play a crucial role in
    the development of Kurdish cinema.


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6th Yılmaz Güney Short Film Competition


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Launched in 2001, the London Kurdish Film Festival (LKFF) is the biggest film festival of its kind, bringing together films from four parts of Kurdistan and the rest of the world to film audiences in London.

A non-profit charity organisation led by a team of volunteers, LKFF has come a long way since it’s inception, leaving behind 9 successful festivals, each growing in magnitude and significance.

As the London Kurdish Film Festival, we believe cinema is a powerful and influential form of artistic expression and one which carries great importance for Kurds, who have, like all oppressed nations, transformed cinema into a tool for emancipation and self-expression.

At a time when the existence, culture and art of the Kurdish people is under threat, the London Kurdish Film Festival provides a pivotal platform for Kurdish and non-Kurdish filmmakers to showcase films of any style, topic and genre which highlight the experiences and struggles facing Kurds across the world and in doing so, perhaps, granting a meaning beyond it’s artistic pretence.

The continuing rise in Kurdish film production has also meant that there are now more films covering critical topics and telling even more compelling stories, which are of a higher quality than ever before. 

As the London Kurdish Film Festival, we will continue to serve as a showcase event for Kurdish cinema, and strive to contribute to the growth and development of the Kurdish film industry by nurturing and rewarding exceptional Kurdish talent and cinema from the region and around the world.


London Kurdish Film Festivalis is proud to announce that the 11thLondon Kurdish Film Festival will be held between 24thApril – 3rdMay 2020 at following venues; VUE Wood Green, Rio Cinema in Dalston and Prince Charles Cinema in Central London.

First established in 2001, the London Kurdish Film Festival was the first festival of its kind and has grown to become the biggest exhibition of Kurdish films outside of Kurdistan. The 11th LKFF will mark over 19 years of delivering high quality films from across Kurdistan and the Kurdish diaspora, which were often made under the most difficult political conditions. The current political context as well as the tragic loss of one of the festival’s directors make the festival even more significant.

The 10th festival was dedicated to the memory of Mehmet Aksoy, a British-Kurdish filmmaker, journalist and activist, as well as one of the directors of the LKFF. As promised, LKFF will continue to reverberate Mehmet’s legacy in every festival. Along with 7th Yilmaz Guney Best Short Film Award and 2nd Mehmet Aksoy Best Documentary Film Award, this year the LKFF is delighted to announce three new special awards; Best Fiction Film Award, Best Short Documentary Film Award and Best Film Audience Award. More information with regard to these awards will be announced soon at www.lkff.co.uk.

The categories for film submissions include Fiction, Documentary and Short Films and the early bird submissions are open until 1st December 2019. The festival encourages filmmakers submitting their films through the festival portal called “Filmfreeway” (https://filmfreeway.com/ ) as early as possible. For more information on how to submit to the festival, please visit www.lkff.co.uk/.

The festival will begin with the opening gala ceremony, an evening of Kurdish music, dance and food, and the opening gala film, and will continue for a further four days at VUE Wood Green, followed by two days at Rio cinema. The festival will end with the closing gala at Prince Charles Cinema.

For any questions on how to get involved as a sponsor, partner or volunteer for the festival, please write to info@lkff.co.uk/


The London Kurdish Film Festival is looking for volunteers to join the team!

We need talented, hardworking and dedicated people who are looking to gain work experience whilst broadening their film knowledge to help us make the 10th festival a memorable one.

LKFF would not be possible without the support of our festival volunteers, who assist with various activities including hospitality, meeting and greeting guests, signposting, providing support and information. The contribution of our volunteers helps make the festival happen.

If interested, please forward your details to lkffvolunteer@gmail.com and we will be in touch.


The London Kurdish Film Festival is supported by amazing sponsors that believe in our mission and commitment to showcasing the very best of Kurdish cinema from around the world.

We welcome contributions by companies, individuals, institutions and charitable trusts under sponsorship schemes as detailed below. Sponsorship packages are carefully tailored to meet the needs of our Sponsors.

For sponsorship options please contact info@lkff.co.uk

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