When gang member 'G' shoots someone in his gang, he turns to his friend Mehmet, whom he hasn't seen for a year for help. What is Mehmet's motivation for helping. Their journey through the night in a cold, wet London will take them to somewhere they don't know. Ensuing 'G' for revenge is his friend Alish. Will Mehmet protect 'G' or is everyone on their own. Bein'G is a drama about friendship, morality and the freedom to choose. Do any of these things still exist in a world where 'individualism' is the new religion?

Following the tragic loss of Mehmet Aksoy on 26th September 2017, the post production for 'Bein' G' was completed by 'Friends of Mehmet'.

United Kingdom/ Turkish and English

Director: Mehmet Aksoy

Running time: Not confirmed

Note: 1st Mehmet Aksoy the Best Documentary Award Ceremony & 2 short films will be screened before the feature film,

Short film: Panfilo & The Slap directed by Mehmet Aksoy


20.04.2018 FRIDAY 8PM



Vue Wood Green, 180 High Rd, Wood Green, London N22 6EJ