At 26, Leyla Imret becomes the youngest mayor in Turkey, having been elected as the Mayor of Cizre in 2014. After 21 years, Leyla returns to Cizre, where she had to flee at the age of five when her father was killed by the Turkish military, determined to restore peace and stability. On the eve of the Turkish parliamentary elections, however, Leyla's determination slowly makes way for uncertainty and fear as childhood memories begin to hunt her.

Germany/ 2016/ Kurdish - Turkish - Germany with English subtitles

Director: Asli Ozarslan

Running time: 71mins

Note: The Protagonist Leyla Imrey is expected to attend and participate in a post-screening Q&A. One Short film will be screened before the main screening

Short film: Dada Saltaneh Directed by Hadi Ahmadi


16.04.2018 MONDAY 8PM



Vue Wood Green, 180 High Rd, Wood Green, London N22 6EJ