Jan, a young man raised in New York City, is moved by the song his ailing grandmother sings to him on her deathbed. She remembers a dream she had, of a terrible massacre she witnessed as a child. After her death, Jan travels to Kurdish in search of the truth behind the song she sang. His journey takes him deep into his own unknown heritage, revealing sad and fiercely-hidden truths.

Germany, Turkey, USA/ 2016/ Turkish-Kurdish-English with English subtitles

Director: Kazim Oz

Running time: 113mins

Note: Filmmaker Kazim Oz is expected to attend and participate in a post-screening Q&A. One Short film will be screened before the main screening. Tickets for this films is not on sale yet.

Short film: Annunciation Directed by Halit Ruhat Yildiz


18.04.2018 WEDNESDAY 8.30PM



RIO CINEMA, 180 High Rd, Wood Green, London N22 6EJ