LKFF pays tribute to Mehmet Aksoy

27 September 2017

We are deeply saddened to announce that our dearest friend, comrade and former director Mehmet Aksoy has died on 26th September 2017 during a brutal attack by IS in Raqqa, Northern Syria.

A passionate filmmaker and a devoted revolutionary, Mehmet played an integral part in the development and growth of the London Kurdish Film Festival (LKFF) for many years. After completing his Master’s degree in filmmaking at Goldsmith, University of London in 2014, he took on the active role as Director of the Festival.

Dearly loved by the Kurdish community, Mehmet has been a widely recognised and dedicated political activist fighting for the rights of the oppressed. He embarked on a journey to Northern Syria in June spending the past two months documenting the fight against IS in Raqqa, publishing his work on social media and international news outlets.

Following in the steps of Yilmaz Guney and Halil Dag, Mehmet was an exceptional individual who wanted to contribute to the Kurdish freedom movement, one who always went above and beyond and yet had so much to do. His compassion, generosity, acumen and courage will remain unparalleled.

We as LKFF believe Mehmet’s life should be an inspiration for action, for solidarity with and support for, the Kurdish people’s struggle. It is for this reason we pledge to carry forward the camera he has passed on to us and honor his dedication to the pursuit of truth.

We dedicate the 10th London Kurdish Film Festival, scheduled to take place in April 2018, to the memory of Mehmet Aksoy, our dear Memo.

LKFF Organising Committee